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How to Draw Collection 25-36 is a collection of 12 drawing books by Amit Offir (volume 25-36), including some of his Amazon best sellers.

How to Draw Collection includes over 330 pages of step-by-step drawing tutorials designed to teach kids and adults to draw almost anything.

How to Draw Collection provides a creative and entertaining pastime activity for children and parents, teaching kids how to draw their favorite cartoon images, anime and manga characters and engage them in other art activities.  The books’ simple step-by-step contour illustrations teaches children to draw with confidence.

Amit offir’s drawing tutorials will keep your children busy for hours and hours and teach them how to draw just about anything!

How to Draw Collection is available now for SALE. All the drawing books in the collection are also available for sale individually.
How to Draw Collection is a great book for parents, art teachers, and, of course, kids and adults who love to draw and want to improve their drawing skills. The drawings and tutorials are easy to follow and designed for both children and adults.


In this collection you will find 12 different drawing books:


  • How to draw berry the bear
  • How to draw dinosaurs
  • How to draw shula the cow
  • How to draw musical instruments
  • How to draw butterflies
  • How to draw ships & boats
  • How to draw manga fairy
  • How to draw princesses
  • How to draw mali in space
  • How to draw mali the sheep
  • How to draw space
  • How to draw sports world

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